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Trading For Dharma

cover-junedharma-bTrading for Dharma is about learning to exchange drama, pain and your past for purpose. It’s the second book by Tamara Plant and is kinda sorta something of a follow up to Forgiveness and Other Stupid Things which chronicled her journey from darkness to light. In Trading for Dharma, she shares lessons and ideas that make you think about how you can go from clinging to toxic people and circumstance to living a life filled with light and gratitude. There are F-bombs (though not nearly as many as in Forgiveness and Other Stupid Things) and there are lots of pop culture references because she is a geek that way. This book puts a twist on the modern day self-help/spiritual guidance that’s out there while celebrating the teachers that have got her to where she is today. Shout out to The Universe guy, Mike Dooley, the Angel lady, Doreen Virtue, the spiritual gangsta Deepak Chopra and the baddest of them all, Louise Hay.

Coming soon – Fall 2016