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Mick Rory and Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

By on August 20, 2016

Wayne Dyer used to talk about how when you would squeeze an orange, what would you expect to come out? Orange juice. Same principle applies to when you are squeezed and what your response is. If anger comes out, obviously there is pain. If light comes out, you’ve healed.

This morning, before my second cuppa coffee, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this:


I have been a fan of Dominic’s since my kids forced me to watch Legends Of Tomorrow, which I did not enjoy but did it to humour my family. The saving grace on that show, for me, was Dom and Wentworth Miller so I followed their Instagram accounts as a fan.

When I saw this post by Dominic, I thought I’d leave a comment in jest, hoping to change his perspective, because he does look like a pouty, ungrateful brat in this picture.


There was no malice intended on this post. Hindsight, though, I should have added the emoticons I love so much to imply tone Image result for tongue emoji

Frankly, I didn’t expect any response from him but I did get one.


I have looked in the mirror, Dominic, and yep, I used to be ungrateful. Still, not a very kind thing to say, asshole *cough* I mean, Sir.

I thought it would end with that. My instinct, the old me, wasn’t going to be so calm. The old me would have unleashed holy hell on this guy but I’m not that person anymore. I don’t need to insult someone or project vitriol on social media to make myself feel good or look tough in front of virtual people.

I actually laughed at his comment because the old me would have felt self-conscious about myself. That comment might have hurt but instead, I just feel sorry for Dominic. I know what it’s like to have that much rage inside and to carry around your past like it’s a badge of honour. So, for me, that was the end. But it wasn’t for him.


“it’s so funny. Why you so interested in being a maggot. Is it hormones,? Or u just one of those poor souls who are so unimpressed with your own life that dissin on people to give you that hate hit wets u? (I’m still trying to dechiper this.) Lady just change the fucking channel (aw, you called me a lady, thank you!). U don’t have to come on my page and dis? (are you asking? If you’re asking, no. I don’t. And I didn’t.) Take this as a warning shot. You do it again I’ll post you ass and give u a nice. (What does this mean? Give me a nice WHAT?) VERY UNHAPPY HUMAN. (Yes, yes you are. But it’s OK. We all have shit to overcome and things to put behind us. It’s called healing, Dominic.) U play with me u play with fire. I’m tired of people like you. Oh. Go easy on the doughnuts.”

Donuts? I don’t even LIKE donuts, Dominic! But thank you for the encouragement because I did just start a new health journey last week! I need all the support I can get.


I’m not surprised he went there. I get it. I know that Hollywood is about vanity and ego but not all celebs are obsessed with it. I can’t picture Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson telling a fan to lay off the pastries or questioning a hormonal issue.

I also see that by Dominic’s comment “VERY UNHAPPY HUMAN” he was projecting what he feels about himself. The fascinating thing about this I see this as a lesson in gratitude, reflection and Wayne Dyer’s teaching that, “How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours.”

Trust me, I had to take a breath on that one but just one. If anything, I smiled and thought, “Wow, thank you Dominic for proving that I am no longer as angry as you seem to be.” I couldn’t live like that anymore. It was painful then but now it’s just a beautiful reminder of how far I’ve come.

And yet, he kept talking.



And that’s how it ended.

“classy u ain’t. You just got owned. End it now. I’m warning you. I don’t like your particular type. Yeah that’s the response I expected. All talk no go.”

I wondered if he was looking for a fight or wanted to meet at the bike rack after school. Either way, I have no room in my life, real or online, for any of that shit. I want to believe he’s just in a bad headspace, maybe relationship troubles, maybe he misses his kids or maybe his past haunts him and his demons overtake the inherent goodness that is at the core of who he is. Don’t know and I don’t need to spend my energy trying to dissect the situation.

Anyone who came to my defense ended up being insulted just as badly by Dominic and his fans. It was sad and fascinating all at the same time. Some of his fans tracked my down on Twitter (super hard to do that since I’m so difficult to find *cough*) and kept on trolling. On the flip side, I did receive support on the You Are FIERCE Facebook page from his fans who had seen the interaction.


Bullying of any kind isn’t right.  Fat shaming, sexism, gay bashing, racism and hatred of any kind has no place in my world. I don’t tolerate it and there is no excuse for it. What I understand is the root of hatred and vitriol is anchored in pain and ignorance.

Tolerance, compassion, forgiveness and peace. Those are my vibes, these days.

Have fun, project love, be a goof, be a fangirl, love your life, be self-aware, practice gratitude, be kind and don’t take yourself so seriously.

Love and light, bitches Image result for tongue emoji