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Everything is energy

By on November 19, 2016

I talk about the universe, angels, tapping into spirituality and manifesting abundance on a regular basis. It wasn’t always that way. Before I decided to be open about what I know, not what I believe in because it isn’t some bedtime story or magical fairytale, I would deny any interest in the topic.

“What? Meditate? Hell no!”

“Me? Talk to angels? Don’t be stupid!”

“The moon? What the hell does the moon have to do with anything?”

I began to know my audience and started casually tossing out some of my experiences, usually expecting to be laughed at or looked at like I was a crazy person.

“Uhm, yeh, so I had this dream that my grandpa came to see me after he died. Weird. Dreams are weird, right? Couldn’t have actually been him, right? Yeh, he grabbed my hand and yanked me out of bed to tell me something and yeh, I woke up still feeling the pressure of this thumb in the palm of my hand but that’s just my mind playing tricks *insert awkward laughter here.*”

The more I tapped into these gifts, the more open I became about discussing them. Usually I was met with, “OMG SAME!” response but occasionally I was met with a side eye and and smirk. Those people pissed me off. I don’t care how other people live their truth so when someone responded in a way to make me doubt my sanity, it brought out the Scorpio stinger.

One time, I was having a conversation with a young woman who was clearly having a bad day. She was defensive, short and snarky in her responses. I wondered what was going on so I asked her, “You OK? Your energy seems off.”

She looked at me and rolled her eyes.

“I don’t believe in energy.”

What the actual hell?

“Everything is energy. And your energy is crusty as shit right now.”

My tattooYes, I know, not a very enlightened response on my part. I told you, the Scorpio stinger dwells in darkness within me and will always be there but I’ve got much better control of it now. The phoenix shines too much light within me to let him take over much anymore. Wait. That was total woowoo #sorrynotsorry about that. Let me give you some context. I’m totally into my astrology sign of being a Scorpio (I have two tattoos of my spirit sign) and over the last five years, I’ve discovered some pretty cool things about my sign. For example, the Scorpio is the only sign with three totem animals: Scorpio, Eagle and Phoenix. Scorpios go through all three phases during their lifetimes which can explain a lot of darkness within them if you ever meet one. The Eagle phase is more self-aware and starts to heal from past wounds. The phoenix (got that tattoo before I ever realized the symbolism!) is the highest transformation where they become aware of their mystical powers of healing and regeneration. It’s pretty awesome to be a Scorpio.

ANYWAY, I totally digressed. My point is that not believing in energy is obvi a personal choice however it’s tough to dismiss with SCIENCE backing it up. What you put out into the world is what you’ll attract. If you’re being a crusty bitch, you’re going to attract crusty situations. If you’re making even the smallest attempts to project some love and light into the world, take a guess at what you will attract.

People can absorb other people’s energy, too. Have you ever found yourself becoming tense or anxious when someone is venting or angry? What about that one friend  you LOVE to be around because her joy is contagious? Aha, see? You might not even have realized how you absorb energy. You are a beacon of energy with more power than you understand and with great power comes great responsibility, Batman.  Yes, I know that’s a Spiderman quote but I’m in a Batman frame of mind right now.

When you begin to understand that energy is everything, you can reset your mindset and start shielding yourself from harsh energy. Instead of soaking up other people’s bad juju, protect yourself and deflect that shit.


Here are three ways to help you protect yourself from negative energy:

  1. Clear yourself

    The best way to shield yourself from abrasive energy is to get rid of what you already have. Place your hands on opposite shoulders so that your arms are crossed. Take a deep breath and PUSH away the energy. Attract protective energy by swooping up new energy that is pure and let it pour over you. Do this a few times until you feel like you’re wrapped in a bubble of protective energy. I do this multiple times throughout the day especially when the moon cycles peak.

  2. Ask for Archangel Michael to help you

    Archangel Michael, as are all the angels and archangels, is non-denominational which means you don’t have to believe in a certain religion to call upon them for help. He’s got this cool sword that severs ties to fear energy and protects you from negativity. You have to ask him for help, angels don’t intervene unless we ask them. That whole “free will” thing 😉

  3. Jewellery

    Ijewelleryf you have a piece of jewellery you love or something that means something to you, ask Archangel Michael to bless the item and help clear and shield you from anything negative. I’ve started doing this with an angel wings necklace I just bought. I wear three items: Mala beads, a ring of abundance and my angel wings necklace. I’m not saying it makes me Pollyanna but I have noticed a difference in how I react and what I absorb.

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