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Delays and detours

By on September 19, 2016

Do you ever get sick of hearing “detours are the universe’s way of guiding you to something better”?

Yeah me too.

I’ve said it multiple times in presentations, to my husband, Ron, (who just rolls his eyes at me) and to myself in hopes of comforting myself when things don’t go my way.

The problem is, it’s true. Despite our greatest efforts to control the details and the outcome, control is an illusion. We’re on this path with side roads, four way stops, speed bumps and collisions but if you lose your mind every time something sets you back or forces you to stop, you’ll spend a lot of time in a very negative head space.

Does this mean you have absolutely no control? No, you make choices on a daily basis and plans for the future, set goals and intentions, and manifest your reality.

You choose to sit on your ass or go to the gym.

You choose to be unhappy in a job or relationship that makes you crazy.

You choose to stay home or go out.

You choose to go left or right.

Your choices are endless and your decisions are yours to make. But what happens when a delay or detour sets you back and you can’t decide whether to try where you are or float and let the universe work it’s magic?

I am sitting in the Ottawa airport contemplating this very topic. My flight has been delayed by 3 hours which means I won’t get home until the middle of the night. My flight plan had me on a milk run back to Edmonton from Montreal: Montreal to Toronto, Toronto to Ottawa with a 3 hour layover and Ottawa to Edmonton. Knowing this was going to be a crazy trip home, I thought about switching my flights to a direct flight but it would have cost $400 to do that and since this trip was organized by the conference I was presenting at, I didn’t want to fork out the extra cash to rearrange my flight. Looking back, that might have good money spent because my time has definitely taken a hit.


And this is a big but, Sir Mix-a-Lot style.

What if I had rearranged the flight? How would that have affected the big picture stuff? Maybe it wouldn’t have but MAYBE it would. Every choice, every decision, every mistake, every detour and every small step we take each and every day leads us to where we’re meant to be.

I’ve been with Ron for almost 18 years (no one thought it would last but I’ve told him that if he ever leaves, I’m going with him) and the night we met, it was pure “coincidence” if you believe in such things ;). A series of bizarre circumstances led to our chance meeting. I was living in Kelowna working at The Daily Courier and, on a whim, decided to go back to Edmonton for New Year’s Eve. I had no reason to go back to Edmonton, it’s not like I was going to spend the holidays with my family but I didn’t want to ring in 1999 alone. I called up some friends and said I’d be coming home for a few days.

We went out for drinks on Dec. 29 and that’s when soon-to-be love of my life walked through the door. That whole “my soul recognized his soul” thing happened and BOOM! That was it. Ron wasn’t even supposed to go out that night let alone to a cheesy bar (he’s never been a bar guy) but he did. And had he decided to make a different decision or if I had decided to stay in Kelowna, my life would have taken a different path all together. The choice was mine to get on that plane and the choice was his to go out to that bar.

The point is, detours can set you on a better path and delays can keep you from getting hurt. They can also protect you from outcomes you really don’t want. There were no delays or detours the night Ron and I met, only green lights all the way to that one meeting. The universe conspired to bring us together and connect our paths.

If the details of your plans don’t work out the way you envision, don’t sweat it. If you intuitively know that you need to make a change or fight to get around that detour, trust that feeling.

I feel like I’m on the verge of another big shift in my life and I’m going to trust that whatever delays or detours come my way will be for my greatest and highest good.

Take a leap of faith, turn up the music and enjoy the ride.