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5 reasons April Wiens is someone you need in your life

By on February 10, 2013

Recently, April Wiens caught the public’s attention by posting a blog called, “Letter from a Fat Girl to the World.” I’ve had the pleasure of meeting April on a handful of occasions but she has been most instrumental in the FIERCE Awards by introducing us to two of our FIERCE winners, 2011 Phenomenal Female Shandra Carlson and 2012 Empower recipient Tracy Zala. April’s generous spirit and ability to see the good in everyone is what drew me to her in the first place but the blog she posted recently is what inspired my recent Diary of a MAD Publisher and catapulted her into the FIERCE and Fascinating series. 



The 411

Name: April Wiens

Job/Business: Owner of Bumblebee Baby & Kids and Got Something to Say Vinyl Design
The voice behind
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Give us a quick bio about your fascinating self:

I’ve been happily married for almost 20 years to an amazing man and we have 2 teenaged children. I’m a foster parent and usually have a minimum of 2 extra kids in our lives. I love being at home and am most happy doing “nothing”. I try desperately to be a light in this world and to show grace and understanding in the worst of situations. I am always a wife and mother first, and people have a hard time accepting that. My businesses, my blog and my friends will always be second in line behind my family. My goal is to find a way to honor all of these relationships though, and I hope that I actually do that.

If you could tell your 16-year-old self something, what would it be?

That the things that the world wants you to believe are important, really aren’t. Your weight, your face, and whether or not you have a boyfriend or have lots of money mean nothing. Peace and happiness are not found in those things and the sooner we figure that out, the quicker we’ll find ourselves.

What are you doing to make a difference?

I hope that a lot of what I’m doing in my life is making a difference in this world. I hope that by giving kids a chance to just be kids and feel safe will help them become better people. I hope that the words I write in my blog will change people’s attitudes and see things in a way that they never considered before. I hope that people will look at me and all my “unperfectness” and realize that they are worth more than they ever dreamed.

The one thing I really struggle with is…

Being in the spotlight. I don’t like people looking at me or drawing attention to me and am happiest in the back row or watching from the sidelines. I’m slowly learning to accept compliments and not just brush them away. When I’m writing I feel the most free and the most open but thoroughly enjoy the anonymity of it.

I really admire…

People that stand up for something. I may not always agree with what people are standing up and fighting for, but I will always admire their willingness to go out on a limb and fight. More people need to find their voices and share themselves with the world.

One thing I have zero tolerance for is…

BULLYING. In all it’s forms. It makes me crazy that people get so caught up in talking about it, and yet do nothing about it. I believe in teaching my children, others and even myself how valuable and amazing we all are. Then when ignorant words are said, they won’t cut as deep. We need to change our focus from trying to “stop” something to trying to uplift, motivate and really valuing people. I truly believe that once people KNOW their worth, and feel confident in themselves, the desire to bully and/or be bullied will decrease significantly.

FIERCE & Fascinating people are featured each week. We have either met them in person or developed pretty awesome relationships with them online. Is there someone you think should be featured in this series? Post a comment or email us!