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2017: The Year of Infinite

By on December 30, 2016

Infinite joy.

Infinite possibility.

Infinite opportunity.

Infinite abundance.

Infinite and everlasting love.

2016 is almost over and as the days gently come to a close on the year, I’ve noticed a sense of calm and peace wash over me. Nope, it’s not the wine (although that has been flowing this holiday season). I have come to a place in my life where I no longer attach myself to negativity or drama and it’s the most freedom I’ve ever felt. It’s not just drama or negativity, either, it’s no longer succumbing to fear energy or worrying about “what if” or the hows of getting to where I want to be.

It’s surrendering to the universe because I know now that the universe has always had my back. Subconsciously, I’ve always trusted the universe without even realizing it but now I know how to read the signs presented to me and see that every little thing is gon’ be alright (thanks Bob Marley for that song, btw!).

This morning, as the dog snored and flapped his lips in blissful slumber, I meditated and asked the angels for a word that would define my 2017.  The number 8 kept popping  up which wasn’t helpful until I realized that the word was in the meaning of the number. Eight has always been a special number to me even though it had no real significance other than I really liked it. Eight and two, if I’m being completely open about my attachment to numbers. It wasn’t until I discovered Doreen Virtue and angel numbers that I  began to understand why I intuitively was drawn to these numbers: eight signifies abundance and prosperity while two is a reminder that everything is fine and you’re protected.

The endless loops in the number eight signifies an infinite flow of money, time, ideas, or whatever else you require (especially for your life purpose). When the angels kept showing me the number eight, it was to show me that 2017 is gonna be a hella good year even if I don’t know why just yet. I’ve learned to trust the messages I get and am confident that after all the detours, obstacles, broken paths and forks in the road, all that is in front of me is illuminated by the blessings and the lessons.

Time to light it up, bitches! 2017 is going to be whatever we decide to make it #liveyourpurpose




Three cards I pulled to figure out my theme for 2017. The Eight of Michael and Eight of Gabriel are from the Archangel Power Tarot deck and the Eight of Earth is from the Angel Tarot deck. Both decks by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine