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2010 FIERCE Awards

2010 FIERCE Women of the Year awards

The first-ever FIERCE Women of the Year awards were handed out  Oct. 2010 to six inspiring women who make a difference in the lives of others, whether it’s within their own household or on a global level. A special evening was held to honour the nominees and the recipients at d’lish urban kitchen & wine bar with guest MC Teresa Spinelli, owner of the Italian Centre, hosting the event. Special thanks to our judges (Maria Virtuoso –, Tanis Miller – Attack of the Redneck Mommy, Connie Peters – Modern Mama, Christie Shultz – Entreprenurial Moms Internationa, and Tina Gilbert – The WomenPreneur, who put in long hours working on the event.

The winner was chosen by the judges based on the overall criteria of the awards and the top scoring of the applications

2010 FIERCE Woman of the Year

At the age of 2, Kelly suffered severe burns to most of her body, but growing up she was taught that she was just a normal kid like everyone else. In Kelly’s vocabulary, the words “No” and “Can’t” do not exist. For example, when she wanted to plan a balloon decorating convention and someone told her that “No, she couldn’t do it,” she proved him wrong. When she decided she wanted to have a mobile scrapbook store, she did it. When she wanted to get on the Dragons’ Den TV show, she was selected to present to the Dragons.

When she wanted to know if men in wheelchairs could have sex, she produced a documentary about it.

When people asked her to speak at their events, she just did it. She didn’t let fear get in the way or doubt herself. In fact, she would tell her fearful inner voice to take a HIKE and let her FEARLESS inner voice take over!

Now, Kelly is a Keynote Speaker, inspiring others to find their dreams and break through their fears.

In March 2010, Kelly was a finalist in the Every Woman search for Fashion Has No Borders Fashion in Calgary and was named the People’s Choice winner.

2010 Rising Star Kelli Jacula-Kochan

YOU are under 35 and have rocked the business world! You are making a difference in your community and will be a force to be reckoned with!

“Miss Kelli” is well known in the Spruce Grove, AB. area as the kindest, most gentle teacher for children ages 3-4. She started Two By Two Me and You in 2004, a pre-school/ pre-kindergarten program, in a portable at St. Joeseph’s Middle School.

The program became so popular that she had to expand the next year into a full-fledged school complete with music & physical education programs and a Chef Yum Yum class! Teaching is not just a career, it is her passion! She looks forward to her work EVERYDAY and to making a difference in her little friend’s lives. While building her school, Kelli volunteered on multiple boards and committees including the Tri-Community Festival of Trees for five years.

Her dedication to her work, church and the community has made her one of the most beloved women in the Parkland area. Kelli is loyal, dedicated, honourable and humble, and she would give the last minute of her free time to help anyone. She is a pillar of strength and the softest soul you could ever meet.

2010 Outstanding MEO, Jacquelyn Steeves

YOU are an entrepreneurial mom who juggles work,home life, friends, family and are an industry leader!

Often called super mom or Martha Stewart, Jacquelyn has found time to master patience, love, schedules, classes, being a wife, a friend, a sister, a volunteer all while looking like not a hair is outta place!

She is also an outstanding entrepreneur. She runs a busy, successful business. Cake Affair was born and is all about a love for creative, unique cakes designed, made with LOVE and passion. She has become an industry leader with her word of mouth referrals and facebook, all while mastering the acrobatics of motherhood.

She is unbelievably humble about her success and is very much enjoying that she can have a job that she LOVES and continues to be the amazing mother of four that she is. Her children are involved in hockey, hockey academy, gymnastics, tri leisure programs, play dates, kindergarten, swimming, dancing.

2010 Graceful Goddess Christine Jarvis

YOU are past the poopy diaper stage of motherhood and enjoying the empty nest. Once a mom, always a mom, but you are also a woman, wife, friend, mentor and goddess!

Christine has been blessed with three children and two beautiful grandchildren. She has an upbeat and positive outlook on life and she is a firm believer that that life can be taken from us at any moment, therefore should be treasured, respected, and lived to the fullest. For 13 years, Christine has been an office manager for a private pediatrician in Edmonton and has been the prize coordinator for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for 9 years.

Her passion is helping those less fortunate. For four years, Christine and her son took part in Mexico Missions through Amor Ministries to build homes for the less fortunate. Christine and her sons have received recognition for serving the less fortunate Sunday brunch at the Hope Mission. It makes her proud to have her children, not only take part in helping those in need, but to BELIEVE in it as well.

2010 Phenomenal Female Stefania Anderson

YOU have overcome huge obstacles in your life and are living a richer, fuller life in spite of the challenges you have faced.

Stefania’s life of overcoming obstacles started at an early age when she and her parents bravely escaped the communist regime of Hungary in 1956.

After the move to Canada she experienced abuse, a teenage pregnancy, abandonment, divorce, two marriages, watched her parents divorce, put herself through school to become a hairdresser, the death of her mother and best friend, her husband died an early death in a car accident and her family’s dream home burnt to the ground. She didn’t throw in the towel.

She began a business in the beauty industry as a beauty supply house, not without its ups and downs. In the end she sold that business and became her own manufacturer of Aesthetic products, and to date has three signature lines in skin, cosmetics and nails.

Her company has grown to include distribution throughout Canada and Europe, and is steadily growing and flourishing under her direction and years of experience.

2010 MOM Extraordinaire Tonya Faulkner

YOU do it all! Volunteer, schedule appointments, take the day off to stay home with sick kids, co-ordinate playdates, run the household, do the laundry, bake the birthday cakes… there’s nothing you don’t do for your family!

Tonya, 30, is the awesome mom to her 2-year-old boy, Nathan, and has been with her high school sweetheart since she was 16. She is the MEO of Women’s Empowerment, an website dedicated to showcasing the most inspiring women across Canada. Her ultimate goal is to empower women everywhere with words of wisdom, volunteer work, and a passion to see others succeed. She also loves being a SAHM who uses her career passion to help others do well and be successful. She earned her Business Certification in 2002, and her Personal Dimensions Facilitator certification in 2004 and her Public Relations Certification in 2006. She is passionate about honoring other women – she scarifies many hours writing stories and honoring other women for their accomplishments.